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Small Ego Case Large Ego Case Coil Master Pbag
Small Ego Case
Our Price: $6.95
Large Ego Case
Our Price: $7.95
Coil Master Pbag
Our Price: $12.99
This handy hard case will keep your equipment safe. Features:
-3 Mesh compartments
-1 Elastic strap for holding batteries, mods, etc.
This handy hard case will keep your equipment safe. Comes in black, red, pink, and blue. This is the same size case that comes with Ego starter kits.

-3 Mesh compartments
-2 Elastic straps for holding batteries, mods, etc.

Take your operation mobile! The Pbag by Coil Master is your 'bug-out bag' for vaping.

The main pocket will comfortably hold all, but the largest mods, and the convenient side pocket will hold up to 60ml of most juices (if your favorite juice comes in a non-standard shape or size bottle - you can always pick up one of our empty 60ml bottles for a perfect fit!).

Use the zipped front pocket to hold extra batteries, cotton, tweez, coils, spare change, packets of your favorite sugar substitute, various balms, acorns (for our customers with an arboreal bent): virtually anything!! (as long as it's less than 3"X2.5"X.75"...)

Includes aluminum D Clip and PALS style webbing.


Height: 4.33″
Width: 3.54″
Thickness: 1.37″
Black, Blue, Denim, Digital Camo, Red